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Default Re: COINTELPRO is Winning

Originally Posted by vote_lex_2000 View Post
I stumbled upon this forum earlier this afternoon after doing some googling regarding the possibility of Alex Jones being disinfo.

After struggling to get through the 14 pages of utter nonsense in this thread:

I have concluded the following:

1) There is quite possibly accurate information in aforementioned post; however it is presented in such a fragmented and childish nature that it makes legitimate information almost impossible to discern from disinformation.

2) The in-fighting and pure paranoia are both highly evident of COINTELPRO infiltration.

Many of you claim to be aware of disinformation tactics and COINTELPRO, yet this forum is rife with the kind of behavior that is synonymous with such techniques.

I will not be posting on this forum again, it has proved itself unable to present concise and credible information.

Thank you for your time, I hope that this forum can clean up its act and perhaps become a useful tool for learning.
You were reading a thread that was authored while Club Conspiracy was owned and operated by Henry Makow.

He did absolutely NOTHING to rid the forum of pests.

This site is not as infiltrated as CC was under Makow's ownership.

Of course, those who post here and are not AGENTS, are aware of COINTELPRO, but that doesn't mean we can stop them from coming here and infecting threads, which is their purpose so they do not flow as easily for the reader as they could without interference.

You have made one post and read one thread on this forum and have determined that this site does not contain concise and credible information.

You sound like a disinformation agent.

Maybe we should add your name to the thread that you linked.

Sit back, relax and browse the library.

There is MUCH credible information here.

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