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Default Re: Who are the new owners

well for me i will like having everything under one umbrella. i'll log into the cg community, check what's up on the forums that interest me, maybe poke around other forums if i have a specific question about say my car or medicine my dogs are taking, etc.

here's some info from the crowdgather site:

Crowd ID

Slated for Fall 2008 release

How many online identities do you have? 5, 20, 50? How likely is it that you'll create a new identity to participate in a new forum? CrowdID makes it easy for anyone to create an account on your forum using OpenID, OpenSocial, NingID, your Facebook login or any email address to access your forum. CrowdID is a Vbulletin plug-in that reduces the registration barrier and makes it easy for people to actively participate in your forum threads.

Crowd FinderCrowd Finder

Slated for Fall 2008 release

We know the internet is full of experts, but it's not always easy to find them when you need them. CrowdFinder searches forums to find the answer to your question by displaying the most relevant forums and threads. If we can't find a thread with your answer, CrowdFinder will find forum experts who can answer your question. CrowdFinder finds your answer on forums.

Crowd BloggerCrowd Blogger

Slated for Fall 2008 release

Whether you participate in forums or write a blog, you want to have a conversation. Before CrowdBlogger you had to choose how to have your conversation. Do you go down into the darkly lit forum threads? Or do you surf the well-designed but perhaps abandoned and out of date blogosphere? With the CrowdBlogger WP plug-in you can turn your forum threads into easy to read blog posts that anyone can comment or bookmark. In addition, bloggers can bring their posts to the forum communities by creating a thread from their blog post.

Forum users don't have to have accounts to post their threads as a blog entry. With a customized template, forum owners can quickly add a blog to their forum, easily sharing threads with everyone. Crowdblogger WP automatically posts the thread as a blog post and any responses as comments, where non-forum members can participate.

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