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Ivins' attorneys say they regret that they cannot provide evidence to prove Ivins' innocence in front of a jury.

The FEDS are presenting evidence against him to the public as if we are the JURY.

They can present anything they want.

They're not in a courtroom.

Ivins' attorneys cannot rebuke them.

They're convincing John Doe of his guilt and trying to alleviate our fears by assuring us the Anthrax mailer was caught.

How does this alleviate our fears?

You're telling us that you allowed a crazy man in possession of DEADLY biological weapons.

Is this the only instance or do you have more MAD scientists with their hands on DEADLY biological weapons?

Was this for reasons you are not telling us.

By the way, he wasn't caught.

He's dead.

There hasn't been a trial!!

Just because he's been painted as crazy, doesn't prove he was the Anthrax mailer.

US: Ivins solely responsible for anthrax attacks - Yahoo! News
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