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Alright, a better answer. Gramscism is just what we've been living with for a long time in the West, gradually turning us from sensible to senseless.

It is exactly the struggle I entered to on this forum with the Communism angle. Even though those who take the time to understand the news, think they are open minded, their minds are largely shaped already by schooling, parenting and other indoctrination from the media.

Bush is the danger, or is it Monsanto? Well yes, but don't forget the Soviets. No, that collapse was likely a ruse. Haven't thought of that till now? Join the club. We all have to recognize that very little of our thoughts are that original. In a way we have to accept that we might be better of forgetting all we know and starting over again. Even reversing every one of your assumptions just might start to break your own programming.

As I mentioned before, how many people look both ways before crossing the road? Why?
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