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Default Re: Al-Qaeda Did 9-11

It is a known fact that there was an air plane(US GOVERNMENT) participating in a (of all things) twin tower mock terror attack at the moments leading up to the attack and when the towers went down. This 'Drill' was being carried out for a week before and into the day of the tower attacks. I have always suspected something fishy about the american public and its inability to see the obvious or to prosecute the upper level of criminal.
The oil thing is sure raising its ugly head. We best hurry and let Mr. Graham pay off the muslim women so that we can convert them into oil dependent christians.We need spies like them. It is getting hard for me to believe that this was not done in the name of christianity though, from my point of view. It is funny to me that christians cry 'mark of the beast' and NWO when the bliss that they imagine lies within obedience.Obedience to the very kingdom that they denounce in the cries of conspiracy. It is easy to place blame on everyone else, start a 'Terror crusade' that will never end and kill in the name of Christ and peace.Just ask G.Bush about being the 'Chosen One'. Little does he know who is watching and waiting. The true corruption is in his head.He is a puppet. A slight higher standing than prop and backdrop public Goyim though. No one will ever wake up that is not already awake.

Mind control is being mastered by school bullies, so most of ya all are way behind the times. Project Blue beam is good example of the NWO scenario that ya all toss to conspiracy, but I suggest that the conspiracy is only a suggestion of conspiracy. Who needs a shotgun when moab lies between the neuro centers of your own brain?
Most people are chipped already and dont know it. Its not going to be a choice to deny the marking of every human being, that occured long ago. Its about getting past the paranoid illusions that are 'MADE UP' in your head or fabricated outside the spectrum of your conscious awareness
Only the rich stand to suffer. The rest are just sheep, A few will 'FLASH' out and the rest of ya can all do it again. Thats fair. No one is special!

Mark me with the chip.....I dont mind eating and drinking and being.....merry. Just make sure I get reimbursed or we will have issues when all is said and done. Nothing personal.

The extermination of a large majority of the public at this time almost sounds like a justifiable decision if you ask me. Freedom has corrupted true valor. The time is near to bow down. EVERY KNEE WILL BEND!

Just ask the little bitches in Guan'tana-mo. You horders of freedom and rebelion havent done shit for your fellow man. Instead you call them terrorists and forget they exist. You are one in the same. Where is your defiance or legions of doomsday buccaneers?. You will be chipped and I will bet on it! Better get your terror cell up and running, because you claim to do just that when you 'STOCKPILE' ammunition.
If you are lucky, when you resist, you wont be killed. Submission will be obtained when ya all malfunction. This is just my opinion, as the 'Few' that will be saved probably do not include me in the eyes of the self manifest survivalists, But I am hoping I can pull through and maintain my self image of 'F' that... when there is no oil and they say i must sell my get a 'Bus' ride. I will 'F'n walk.

it wont come to that, but I am a Flintstone.

RIP to Bernie Mac.Now no one will ever make me 'F'n laugh!
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