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Default Re: COPS. would like to hear ur opinion on these facists

I had an experience years ago where I got a ticket for honking my horn.

It started earlier that night at 10 pm. We were cruizing the Gut. A big white suv followed us everywhere. this occured for two hours. I would go into a store...they would be there waiting to follow me. I wrote down the liscense # just in case.
At about 12 30 idid a u turn then another and got behind them. I followed for 6 blocks before they pulled into a station.
I continued to cruise the gut, then as i passed by the station and saw these people talkiung at the officer from inside their vehicle, i honked.

I was told that these people were affraid i was stalking them. I about died. Then i was told it was illegal to honk my horn.


I then the next day after getting this ticket saw the same vehicle following me around. We stopped at a restaruant and ordered. We showed the waitress that the same vehicle was going around the block. she witnessed this for 30 minutes.

I then went to safeway and called the cops when they pulled in behind me. They then left and were pulled over a block away.
The cops told me that it was not the same vehicle as the night before and to stop calling them.
I then tried to get the police reports and the 911 tapes to prove it was the same vehicle. It was dropped. The city attorney dropped the ticket.

This occured as we were trying to gain funds for new officers. My stunt downtown with a sign in front of the PD made news. It was a WIN WIN situation for the city to drop that stupid fn ticket.

Guess I out smarted them huh?
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