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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

Dear Shady, I like what I have read from your thoughts. I appreciate your perspective. It makes a lot of sense to me.

Rush, bullying will get you no where but alone. Give up that nasty spirit of attacking people when anyone dares to question your opinion.

It makes you look like the dufus holding tightly to the earth is flat syndrome.

In defense of Dufus Roony. There is a question that begs to be asked...

If the old way we used to look at the atom with a nucleus and concentric rings, protons, neutrons and electrons is by far out-dates by quantum physics and the quark, etc... It is a whole new ball game in the atomic world, moving in simultaneous directions of double spin.

Shroedinger's cat is a most interesting principle and book to read; and that double slit experiment where anticipated results effected actual experiment results? Food for thought. Is it a correct assumption, that our solar model may be also outdated?

I like rush for bringing up this "lunacy".

I took an apple and placed a sticker on it for earth and nutty Nazi Scotia. I also took a lemon for the sun and a tomato for the moon.

An experiment.

Observations from earth:
1) the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This determines rotational direction and not necessarily the axis or who is moving. Try it each way.
2) there are seasons where not only duration of light but intensity of heat are altered. Sometimes, are we closer to the sun?
3) it is summer in Australia at Christmas-time, when it is winter and it is cold in Nazi Scotia
4) sometimes the moon appears larger and therefore closer
5) sometimes the moon appears farther away and smaller
6) sometimes the moon blocks out the sun, causing a solar eclipse
7) the moon appears in quarters and halves and such

Try and figure that one out.

Isn't God wonderful? Our perception is just that, our perception. We can focus on the really big picture, the creation of our world and how it works, or we can focus on the really small picture, ourselves, our communities and what we can do.

Sometimes, the big questions hold answers about ourselves as everything is realtive. Loony has a right to question and discuss and tirade... it won't win him many enthusiasts, nor converts.

He has a right to distract. Don't let him distract you.

Conclusion, I think that who designed this miracle was a wondrous being named God.

Peace Mary XXX
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