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Default Re: Churchgoers are idolators!

I've always felt that the mainstream Christian "worship" of "Jesus" borders on the idolatorous. You're still supposed to worship God, not man, and at the end of the day Jesus was still a man. Christ is that from God which is Divine, but despite the name ("Christian"), nobody in any Christian church I've ever been to worships "Christ" -- they will worship this man named "Jesus"..

There's as big a diff between "Jesus" and "Christ" as there is between "Ecclesia" and "kuriakos"..

I mean, if we're going to worship an idol, than let's at least get the name right and worship "Yushua ben Pantera", since as near as the archaelogists can tell us, that's the guy's real name.. Not "Jesus", which is an idolatorous Greek acronym based upon the name..
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