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Default Re: Jordan Maxwell Exposed

I have only looked at some of the links you provided to "expose" Maxwell. I do find a lot of interesting information on his website, yet it does seem like an attempt to convince us that all religions are BS, that there is a hidden agenda behind them all. That would be one of the crucial steps in establishing a new world (order) religion. We must first cease to believe in any/all of the major religions thereby paving the way for the new one. The Da Vinci Code comes to mind too.

I have personally found that some of the biggest alternative forums on the web censor what they allow to be posted on their sites, and although that is necessary for specific circumstances, my posts that have been attacked or removed certainly didn't deserve it. For example, I posted some info about Albert Roy Davis a few years ago on the biggest forum in England (they have a magazine too) and I didn't get one person with an open mind to respond to the post - every single response was nasty or dismissive. Before long it was removed altogether. Generally, this is the info I posted, but I didn't include a link. Exotic Research Report | Vol 3 No 1 | The Scope of Biomagnetism

Just recently a post of mine on another large forum was stopped dead in its tracks - and it was about aloe vera of all things. What many people don't know about aloe vera is that it has been shown to have dramatic effects on cancer and AIDS patients. Here is one of the links I posted. Cancer Cover-Up: Aloe-Cancer & AIDS Neal Deoul Battle Against Prostate Cancer(1) The administrator said he read on the web that some sites say aloe vera can be deadly so the topic must be ended. He gave a link to a conventional medicine hospital website, and anyone who knows the truth about health care, especially in the U.S. and Europe, knows that what mainstream medicine spouts is far from the truth. So I ask you, what's wrong with this picture?

The forums I posted on specialize in topics like ufo's, conspiracies, secret societies, and alternative medicine, yet there they are, censoring the very information that they supposedly believe in or are supposedly openminded about. So the bottom line is, there are agents of disinformation everywhere, even in some of the forums. If you wanted to contain certain information and/or spread disinformation, where would you go to do it? The answer: the same places that the "informed" people go to discuss and share their ideas. You'd mask yourself as one of them.
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