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The CIA found maps of New York City's landmarks in the purse of their most wanted female terrorist who is a Pakistani and a graduate of M.I.T.

Information on subways, Times' Square, The Statue of Liberty, etc.

Information on explosives, chemical weapons, weapons involving biological material and radiological agents being researched by Al Qaeda. They found someone very educated who was willing to do the research the CIA agents says.

He also says that they haven't captured anyone as important or as well connected as her since 2003.

A computer thumb drive was found in her purse, as well.

Gee, her purse had lots of very important information.

They named her on their most wanted list five years ago because they thought she was planning assassinations against former US Presidents.

She graduated from M.I.T. in the Spring of 2001 and returned to Pakistan and became an important Al Qaeda operative, so they say.

Documents and computer drives were found in her handbag.

They knew she was involved in a variety of nefarious activities.

They certainly know a lot about the terrorists, don't they?

Too bad, they couldn't stop them on 911.


I wonder where bin laden is.

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