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Default Re: Big Foot Body Found / Friday Press Conference

Just a thread I found interesting...but lo and behold you were there. lol. Stop being so paranoid BA! Peace! Chill.....Im obsessed with BF not BA.,... be nicer and eventually I may show you who I am for realz. Then maybe we all can learn something cool. But until you be nice and recant your threat to stomp me...I WILL BE HERE! Just admit you were wrong for saying that and I will share some cool stuff with you! I hate being an ass....but hate worse someone being a %$@%$ to me that causes me to be an ass.. TRUCE?

I aint just some little boy you can continue to insult. I can play lets end it here? Say Truce...and I will apologize!

As far as bigfoot goes...I think he is more than a beast. He is a visitor. Cant prove it...but since these last few years and what I HAVE SEEN...I believe! It is important to some of us that a final truth in this matter be told.
Peace BA! I cant wait to share!
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