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Default Re: Churchgoers are idolators!

Saturnino wrote:
Man, your problem is not with churches, it is with Christianity. Jesus was 100% man and 100% God. This is basic Christianity. Therefore, when people worship Jesus, they are worshipping God.

In this, churchgoers are totally correct. Who do you want them to worship, if not Jesus ? Your position doesn`t make sense. If you don`t want to be a Christian, it is your problem, but definetly you can`t blame people for doing what is right in their religion. Christians who worship Jesus and go to church are just doing what Jesus Christ told them to do.
I have no problems w/ Christianity.. in fact, I regard myself as a "Christian", insofar as I'm a FOLLOWER of Christ, not an IDOLATOR of Jesus. There's a huge difference.

Jesus set an example by walking a Path that all Christians are called upon to follow. But how few "Christians" there are who truly take it upon themselves to follow this Path?

Like ahmad says, worship the God who worked through Jesus, and if you're lucky, maybe God will work through you in a similar manner. This is the highest calling a Christian can take upon themselves.
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