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Default Re: The Nazi Bush Regime

Not to argue...But Hitler was a tweeker big time.His countries use of psycotronics and meth probably is what started todays mess with the meth epidemic. The Nazi and USA use of psycotronics and METH as a weapon is not a hoax. Meth is the weapon the CIA and MILITARY units use in conjunction with radio frequency and microwave weapons.This secret experimentation continues as we speak.The Government cult system was way outta control and still is by my opinion. Calling anything to do with Hitlers NAZI meth and PSYCOTRONIC warfare a hoax is in my opinion just an example of people being misinformed and way out of the loop.I am sure the government wants us to think it was a hoax anyhow! George is just like Hitler(his dad passed the drug laws calling PATRIOTS and NATIONLISTS mentaly incompetent-look it up). He(and republicans/christians) aim to destroy all people that are not JESUS freaks and in conformity with JESUS's moral code.
The Chosen Few will prevail. God chose the Jews for a reason.
It was to create ZION as the world capital. Someday soon it will happen.
May God Bless Jerusalem...and may the enemies of God be snaired in his day of intervention.
Peace is a state of mind. Praise to God who owns this(ALL). Only he can bring worldpeace( please let the sun keep shining)
Remember he is Most High!

PS. Did you see my thread and comment where it is stated that we Americans(5% of world population) use 67% of the worlds illicit drugs?
That is most likely not a hoax either, unless of course the ill informed choose to believe so! Uncle Sam is a PUSHER!
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