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Default Re: Churchgoers are idolators!

Saturnino wrote:
Christians who worship Jesus and go to church are just doing what Jesus Christ told them to do.
btw, like I said in my first post on this thread, the guy's named simply isn't "Jesus Christ".. There never lived a man whose name was "Jesus Christ", so it's pretty much impossible for this (imaginary) man to have ordered the "Christian" church to "worship" him, as you're implying..

If you're going to idolize the man, at least do him the kind service of invoking him by his real name (which most certainly, is not "Jesus Christ").

Of course, I'm not denying that 2000 years ago there lived a great Holy Man in Palestine (by the name of Yeshua), and that this man's life is documented in the Christian New Testament, and that He worked many miracles and that He was a veritable Son of God. This much I believe all to be True.

Of course... the guy's name wasn't Jesus, and he wasn't white and he didn't have blond hair and blue eyes like all your idolatorous pictures of him depict.. but then again that's kinda my whole point. It's be really hard for "Christian" churches in WASP America to "worship Jesus" if they had to "worship" some short brown Palestinian w/ a fuzzy afro.. Just wouldn't go over quite so well w/ the "congregation".. Hence the IDOLATORY of worshipping this IMAGINARY (Aryan-ized) "Jesus Christ"..

Just stick to living your life as closely as possible to the way Jesus lived His, and you'll be doing God 1000x more honor and "worship" than you could by all your idolizing of "Jesus"..
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