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Default Re: Churchgoers are idolators!

Peace be upon you,

SampleX asked: "May I ask why the Quran is being quoted alongside the Bible in relation to the Lordship and Deity of Jesus Christ. Save for quoting LaVey's Satanic Bible, I cannot think of two more diametrically opposed books"

Quran is the final testament, it confirms and supersedes ALL the previous scriptures including the old and new testament. Many people though buy the propaganda that the book is satanic, and the sad truth about the "muslim" world confirm their doubts, however what may be surprising to you is the fact that the "muslim" world now have ABANDONED Quran en masse!, they follow a collection of books called "Hadith" that was developed by Satan to divert them from Quran and to divide them into sects, each happy with the collection of Hadiths (Sayings falsely attributed to Muhammad) they have, thus the Sunni have their own collection and the Shiaa have their own and that's why they always fight (totally different satanic religions).


SampleX: "The fact remains that Jesus was challenged before a Roman court as to his claims of being divine, and they were never refuted, and moreso he confirmed them with the response 'YhWh' - I Am."

Part 1 of Satan's propaganda is to make us believe that Jesus was persecuted because of his claim of devinity. However the truth is the Jews persecuited him because: 1- He taught his followers to abandon the man-made teachings (Mishnah, early oral Talmud) and worship God alone. 2- He asked the Jewish priests to believe the Gospels he was sent with, and follow his command.

This ofcourse enraged the Jewish priests who were already revered as gods, they felt threatened, their thrones were crumbling with each word Jesus spoke, he said that the only authority is God's and not that of a few elite.

Part 2 of the hoax is to make us believe that Jesus was tortured. Quran confirms that he was indeed crucified, BUT before the torture began, God saved his "honorable" messenger prophet, God raised his soul to Heaven, while his body stayed in a state of alertness (like Terri Schiavo's), his eyes were wide open, yet he was making no response.

Why Satan authored this torture part? to induce a trauma in the minds, a trauma can be succesfuly induced if you mix intense love with a horrible event, the result is idol-worship, which simply means attributing "independent powers" to the tortured person, thus he becomes a god (with inherent power) this time the power Satan wanted to attribute to the dead Jesus was (the power of knowledge and granting salvation).

Satan by one stroke shifted the focus of the message from God (the Sender) to the postman, Jesus.

Part 3, Satan then found himself with two groups, one group (the sincere disciples) insisting that Jesus was a human messenger and the message is what should be followed from then on, the other group that was brainwashed by the crucifixion hoax held that Jesus was God himself, Satan then thought "there must be a compromise to bring those two groups together" so he developed the trinity concept, which is a mix of egyptian and roman mythology, then he ordered the pagan roman emperor Constantine to put an end to the disputes and institute by force the doctrine of trinity (in the Nicea, Nicine Conference 325AD), thus he turned Jesus into a father/son god, and Gabriel into a devine holy spirit.

Yet the truth remains that Jesus and Gabriel are no more than created messengers who are totally powerless and dependent on their Creator, which means that their knowledge, their miracles..etc were not from them but from God.


SampleX: "Further still, when Satan tempted Jesus in the Wilderness he didn't respond 'you shouldn't press me because I'm a messenger of God and he's got my back...' He spoke with authority and knowledge, and said 'You shall not tempt the Lord your God.'"

Could you please tell me where in the bible i can find this quote?


SampleX: "Further still, the quotations that were provided by Ahmad are entirely liberalised and their meaning altered in the process... I note in the quotation from John 12, the convenient omission, with a replacing '...' of Jesus stating 'he who has seen me has seen the one that sent me.'

If this was the correct translation then it must be a satanic injection, for it contradicts the whole message of the scriptures that none equals God and that no vision can encompass Him.

[6:103] No visions can encompass Him, but He encompasses all visions. He is the Compassionate, the Cognizant.


SampleX: "While Jesus may not specifically mention 'trinity' by name, he certainly makes frequent allusion to it and equates Himself with it in equality.The trinity is doctrinally alluded to in the New Testament, because the NT was written by Jews, who understood the triune God from Judaism. And the trinity IS alluded to in the Old Testament"

God never beats around the bush, God is direct, the ideas are clear and simple, the "Allusions" you mention come from Satan, he is the master of allusions and illusions. Why leave the 90% direct, clear verses and stick to the vague (multiple meaning) ones?


SampleX: "Elohim, the Hebrew for God, is a linguistic plural, yet inseparable, and is a common pluralistic thread of the Old Testament scripture which reiterates time and time again the themality of triune deity, and the varisome person of God (Elohim)."

FromThe Catholic Encyclopedia:

Elohim is the common name for God. It is a plural form, but "The usage of the language gives no support to the supposition that we have in the plural form Elohim, applied to the God of Israel, the remains of an early polytheism, or at least a combination with the higher spiritual beings" (Kautzsch). Grammarians call it a plural of majesty or rank, or of abstraction, or of magnitude (Gesenius, Grammatik, 27th ed., nn. 124 g, 132 h).


SampleX:"It also seems to be forgotten that Abraham's own prophecy about what would take place on the very same mount outside Jerusalem, 'God will provide Himself a sacrifice...' directly identifies by geographical location, by type, and by a clear revelation of the anticipation of the future, the person of Jesus Christ, the sacrifice of God, with 'God Himself'"

Also here could you please give a reference.


SampleX: "The rest of the scripture quoted here, seems to be quoted entirely out of context. Manipulation to fit the bill of what Ahmad wanted to say, it seems..."

So could you mention the right context?
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