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Default Fight Cancer Tumors 3 Ways from Sunday, Wheat Grass, Electromed, Baking Soda...

This very detailed and excellent document shows just another cancer therapy that is very effective against fighting cancer tumors, by using electromedicine and infrared heat. In a nutshell you simply cook the tumor a bit and it dies...

Fight Cancer With Electromedicine and Infrared Treatment

And if you do not like that method of fighting cancer you can consider the successful work of Dr Tullio Simoncini in injecting plain old baking soda into a Cancer tumor to help cook it.

Dr. Simoncini cancer therapy with sodium bicarbonate - cancer fungus and candida

Or if you do not like the thought of fighting cancer that way you can also use Laetrile or Vitamin B-17 which DOES kill the cancer tumors, contrary to the faked data put out by the FDA to protect the pharmaceutical industry.. What nobody wants you to know is that Laetrile is found in plain old wheat grass. You can simply cut some up on a cutting board, put into a blender - puree, and then strain out the pulp and voila, targeted cancer tumor drink.. Lets see the FDA ban wheat grass...

Laetrile Sub Document

Hey folks please copy and share this information EVERYWHERE, its time to START TAKING BACK GROUND.

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