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Default Re: Churchgoers are idolators!

Draken wrote:
Of course... the guy's name wasn't Jesus, and he wasn't white and he didn't have blond hair and blue eyes like all your idolatorous pictures of him depict.. but then again that's kinda my whole point. It's be really hard for "Christian" churches in WASP America to "worship Jesus" if they had to "worship" some short brown Palestinian w/ a fuzzy afro.. Just wouldn't go over quite so well w/ the "congregation".. Hence the IDOLATORY of worshipping this IMAGINARY (Aryan-ized) "Jesus Christ"..
psholtz, what difference does it make what Jesus Christ looked like or what his name was?
He simply transcended definition by SAYING what he said and simply BEING.
It's irrelevant how he looked or what his actual name was since he said Himself that he's not doing anything in his own name but in GOD'S NAME.
You're correct. What Jesus said and did are what made Him who He is/was.. and what skin color he had and what his name really was is of no bearing (to me, at any rate).

However, it is of very great importance to the millions of (so-called) "Christians" out there who worship the blue-haired, blue-eyed White Jesus, rather than worshipping the (one and only) God who Choose to work through Jesus..

Take down the familiar hippie-throw-back, white surfer-dude image of Jesus that we're familiar with, replace it w/ an image of what Jesus (Yeshua?) really looked like (short, dark-skinned Palestinian w/ thick, curly hair) and ask WASP America to bow down and worship that image of Jesus..

I guarantee you it won't happen...
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