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Question just a thought

Am I correct in saying, that the difference between a message board, and a forum is that a message forum strolls down after every thread, for example, there may be room for 10 to 20 threads, and after every thread the forum scrolls down when a new message or post is placed? Where-as a forum such as this, there are compartmentized different topic forums in which to post a thread? My suggestion for this forum, would be to add a small 5 to 10 message scrolling forum within the actual forum, I think alot of people seem to gravitate toward scrolling message boards it seems, personally I like them both, the adding of this forum to the other forums in the community is a good idea, Im just wondering why not alot of people don't come here from those forums? maybe they don't have a liking of conspiracy talk? there does seem to be a million forums out there, that could be it. Or maybe there all just Paranoid.

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