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Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
Am I correct in saying, that the difference between a message board, and a forum is that a message forum strolls down after every thread, for example, there may be room for 10 to 20 threads, and after every thread the forum scrolls down when a new message or post is placed? Where-as a forum such as this, there are compartmentized different topic forums in which to post a thread? My suggestion for this forum, would be to add a small 5 to 10 message scrolling forum within the actual forum, I think alot of people seem to gravitate toward scrolling message boards it seems, personally I like them both, the adding of this forum to the other forums in the community is a good idea, Im just wondering why not alot of people don't come here from those forums? maybe they don't have a liking of conspiracy talk? there does seem to be a million forums out there, that could be it. Or maybe there all just Paranoid.
Could you link me to the kind of message board you are speaking about?

And yes I think a front page would be great for this site, with links to various news articles and such. CG is still trying to get their server situation straightened out so I'm not sure just when something like that could happen. I will, however, forward your thoughts along so they are put on the to do list.
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