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Originally Posted by justgroovy View Post
Could you link me to the kind of message board you are speaking about?

And yes I think a front page would be great for this site, with links to various news articles and such. CG is still trying to get their server situation straightened out so I'm not sure just when something like that could happen. I will, however, forward your thoughts along so they are put on the to do list.
Thanks justgroovy, if you go to which is a conspiracy message board, anyone can post anonymously, It allows people to either sign up as a member, or you can post anonymously all the time, its one of the oldest conspiracy boards on the net, if you also notice, they have news links at the top of the page to check out, just different than a topic conspiracy forum like this, I think a combination of message and topic forum structure would be great, as I think only has that going, although I don't go there at all, as it is considered a Pentagon governemnt CIA front in the conspiracy minded world.
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