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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Here's a link to Godlikeproductions.

The only way one could possibly post a comment would be to click on the join link wherein they ask for your email address and all the other usual information and, I suppose, you can REGISTER as anonymous, but they still have your email address.

Any suggestions as to how one might post anonymously without registering and joining the forum, RedRat?

Just tell us how to post anonymously without registering.

Thanking you in advance.

Godlike Productions - Conspiracy Forum
BA, scroll down to the page you will see a 'post new thread' button, you click, it takes you to a screen where you see a box where you post the title of your thread, then you will see a box where you post your username, IN THAT BOX YOU DON'T TYPE ANYTHING leave it empty, or you can type any name you wish to put in there, if you leave it empty, when your thread comes up on the page, your id will say ANONYMOUS COWARD.... so after you leave the username box empty, the next box down yiou type your actual message and any links you want to add there. that is how it works.

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