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Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
Justgroovy signature says 'workin for the man' do you suspect she works for the PTB? OOOOooooK, what if she does? then what? a little paranoid tonite BA??? nite.
Ah, no.

Not paranoid in the least bit.

Just asked a simple question.

Seems you don't want to answer it and would prefer to deflect as to some paranoia you think I might have.

Can't answer a simple question, Rat?

Didn't thiink so.

So, what do you thinnk about justgroovy stating that she works for the powers that be?

I mean, you have used that term over and over again when referring to the BAD GUYS!

But, she's okay, eh?

Why would you think a question posed to you about your disdain for the powers that be and justgroovy stating that she works for the powers that be indicate that I'm paranoid?

Maybe you are.

It was just a question.

Do questions make you paranoid?

If you find a question to designate paranoia, perhaps you are paranoid of the question.


Just wondered what you thought about her initial post wherein she stated that she was working for the powers that be.

Not referring to her signature line.

Please do some research.

She stated this in her initial post.


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