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Default Re: Churchgoers are idolators!

Many people say they are Christians because they like Christ`s teachings...and who doesn`t ? deep inside we know that love is the answer, that helping people is good, etc.
However, the core of the teaching of Jesus is His sacrifice for our sins. He said He was the truth, the way and the life. Real Christians repent of their sins, accept the substitute sacrifice of Christ (let Jesus pay the penalty) and are forgiven. This is the core of Christianity.
If you like Jesus` teachings but don`t believe the above, you are not a Christian, you are simply a sympathizer of Christ`s teachings, which is something good in itself, but according to the Bible, won`t save your soul.

PS: why people call Him Jesus Christ ? Because Christ means Messiah, or annointed. This is a position, not a name. When we say Jesus Christ, this means that the man Jesus (or Yeshua) is the Messiah. New Age people believe that Christ is a position that is taken by many different beings. Christians believe that only Jesus was the real and only Messiah. I personnaly don`t think that Jesus was blond and blue eyed, but this is such a minor issue when compared with the fact that He was God or not.

Jesus never rejected adoration as God. God the Father Himself told people to obey Jesus and qualified Him as His Son (in His baptism and in the transfiguration). Thomas called Jesus my Lord and my God and Jesus didn`t reject this. Jesus was killed because He made Himself like God, an heresy to the Pharisees, who like the Muslims, could not see the many prophecies about Him in the Old Testament. You can reject Christ if you want, but He made His point very clear. If He was not God, He was a very crazy man.

About Jesus doing the Father`s will,and because of that being less than God, you are missing the point. He came to this earth as a Lamb to be sacrificed. He came to teach us obedience. That`s why he folowed the Father`s will, so that thru His experience we could learn to do the same. That`s why He was called the Son. It is a position He took, not a fact that came from being created by the Father (there is only one God in three persons). However, He is not a simpleton right now without a voice...the Bible tells us that He is actually rulling the universe and keeping things together this very moment. Once his mission was accomplished, He returned to His business of rulling the universe as usual.
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