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Default Re: Who are the new owners

Your blog is an insight into who you are.

Are you suicidal and crying out for help or can this one entry from your blog be classified as creative writing?

After all, justgroovy did say that she changed your mind with her winning personality.

Creative types do very often possess a depressive side to their personality which, many times, is expressed through their writing.

This offers a "window" into their soul for all to see.

This is THEIR outlet.

If they can express it, in a sense, this allows them the ability to continue on.

Just as a painter expresses himself on canvas, writers/poets/lyricists express themselves through words.

The words/lyrics/paintings reflect how artists see themselves and life, which is not always in a favorable fashion.

It is this expression that attracts others to their work for they are able to convey that which one might feel and think but, otherwise, cannot make known through words or on canvas.

I wish you well,

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