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Originally Posted by avictim View Post
Itís been the same thing everyday for the last ten years. I get pestered continuously. As I was saying before, the transmission from the implant interacts with electrical appliances, it just causes a heat expansion type of sound. It could come from the T.V, the fridge, freezerÖ anything electrical. When there is a change in something itís usually synchronized. The main thing the pest does is wait for something to be said on some TV program (usually offensive etc etc) and synchronize a bang from something (There was just a cracking sound from something outside while typing that sentence)Ö anyway, that is how it is. It must have occurred a million times. I donít know if the pest just wants to be noticed or what, itís ridiculous. Itís always worse and more frequent at night, obviously because thatís when the pest drinks. This situation is very strange. It must be the first of its kind. There have been the odd couple of days and sometimes weeks here and there when everything goes normal, but the quiet periods of time are few and very far between, never lasts very long. When I said the pest has kept the momentum going ever since, I was mainly referring to the fact that heís used freemasonry to get involved with advertising for an electricity company. They just made a string of crappy TV adverts. It wonít look very good for them when everyone finds out what heís about. Itís obvious he got involved with that to safe guard himself which kinda proves his guilt.

How do you put up with this? I know these implants have an effect on electronics as ive read about that in other peoples accounts but what youre saying here is something else. I think you are definitely right in saying this is the first of its kind. As for the ďpestĒ getting involved with advertising for an electricity company! That definitely proves the influence he has in freemasonry so make sure you use that to your advantage. The way I see it, hes playing a dangerous game, involving a lot of people that will take the fall with him. You mentioned something before about an associate he has who works with MI6, youll probably find thatís going to prove very useful aswell. I would like to know how you found this out, you have done some good work. What I would really like to know is how you found out the director of forensic medical science is involved with freemasonry. Most people in these kind of situations hasnt got half the information you have so put it to use and dont allow them to get away with anything.
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