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Exclamation Re: Want To Study Everything?

"I don't pay taxes to buy lies"
- Valhall

... - And my modification;

I WONT pay taxes (income tax) to fund lies!!!

- I wouldn't have the time to do what I need to do to get
ahead of them; There is a reason
why most people don't know what the fuck is really going on;

they are spending a majority of the day working,
& then the rest of it relaxing & recovering from the slavery...

I'll be able to get decent nutrients from the little money my ads
provide, & I am not like many people that spend 60$ on a hat, etc,
to fit in...

- If things were the way they should be, there would be Solar panel
factories to mass produce to reduce costs, & THEN I would be
RUNNING to work there, & very happy to do so, but no...

- I just broke down last night because I didn't sleep much the night before,
& it was late, & ... if you didn't hear the interview with Linda Howe on C2C AM
, checkitout tonight (the replay they play before the live show)

- I'm usually feeling more alive & happy to be doing what I'm doing than
I have ever been, but like Alex Jones breaks down & freaks out
sometimes, it happened to me... And I wanted people to know
that THIS STUFF IS REAL, & to continue to call us cooks, is ...
let's just say it's really getting on my nerves.

- I will be happy to see as much traffic on my site, (I need to update some pages)
because tomorrow could be too late; And looking at the state
of things, I'm sure you agree that we ALL have a duty to stand up & educate everyone
we know & tell them to do the same.

Gotta go, have a great weekend guys! ;-)

Thanks for the reply mate.

PS: I forgot to say; to think that we have no control over their manipulation; think again; A staged alien invasion WILL get their NWO, for the people of the World will demand 'protection'. - If the people of the World could just know this, the elite would not be able to pull it off, just like if people knew the plans for 9/11, they would NEVER be able to pull it off, & thousands of MURDERED civillians in Irak would be still alive...
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