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Default Re: Prostitute Barbie - The New "Sexy" Barbie That Goes Way Too Far

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
I think your right on this BA, I remember that scene from some music award ceremony where the queen witch Madonna, stood in the middle of both britney and christina, and then turned to kiss each of them on the lips passionately with the tongue. Madonna probably is there controller.

The earth and stars have stood still.

RedRat agrees with me on something.

How disgusting.

Madonna, Christina and Britney all sharing in some tongue.

How 'bout Maddona's MTV, or was it the Grammy awards performance back in the day when she practically masturbated on stage performing, "Virgin."

Well, at least I think it was the song, "Virgin."

How 'bout her book, whatever it was called, wherein she paraded around the streets of Miami and elsewhere naked?

Within this book there were plenty of pictures of her engaging in sexual acts.

Forget the name of it.

I bought one and never opened it.

Found it in my crawlspace the other day with other collectibles; looked at it and tossed it.

What happened to Michael Jackson's Ranch, "Never Never Land?"

Are they still ushering the "less fortunate" children of the world there or did it close down when Michael went into hiding?

Yeah, Madonna, their controller and throw Paris Hilton into the loop as well.

What a bunch of whores running around the music industry and Hollywood these days.

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