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Default Re: More 911 spin against those that distust the US Government!

In 1988 George Bush specifies(in the drug laws) that nationalists and patriots were 'Mental' and thus would be classified as such. Then...
of all things...those very same mind controled patriots and nationalists supported Bush Jr. Seems to me now the spin is aimed at the rest of us that do not vote Republican....ooops...did I say that? even if OBAMA wins...He will lose to the chads so vote republican and see if I care.

I am a peace activist- A God fearing American citizen...I am not a Patriot. All is fair in love and war so I will protest.. I am a true AMERICAN...Not a a mental you think I will vote for McNugget? I am against -Collateral damage and killing in a christian disguise.We need a Jew for president.Then we wouldn't pussy foot around pretending to be hunting that bitch Laden down. Obama will do fine(I hope he is secretly muslim)
Leap in...Limp out...And thats how we will exit. But peace shall never be negotiated...and these wars will never end until all the cows are slaughtered. A few will be rewarded withh a bullet to the brain.After they vote McCain.
Go ahead and raise gas prices. I wont buy my beer at the convenience store any more. I will drink half of what I used to drink.( I am sure Bud felt it.). more pop. Screw candy bars. And to hell with freedom fries. Damn..I even quit eating meat.i call it the Big Mac attack back. I hope these jerks get a clue and invest wiser. I do.

And to think that Bin Laden caused all of this greed...WOW...I am really stupid now. Lets get that


NO AVON...we dont want none this year or ever. Sell it to the republicans...they are still American Patriots and brain washed into spending.

No more mariners games...and I am switching to mitsubishi. No more mowing the lawn...Ill just burn it.

Eventually some one will feel it. And they can spin this truth all they want...

I see gas hitting $1.50 a gallon when they run out of investors and get tired of us PO folk givin them a slow poke. Here I come dollar store..(China is smiling)

The US Government DID 911! We the people are blind! Then again...we completely trust them. WAFJ.

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