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Default Re: Jesus From A Hindu Perspective

Draken wrote:
We haven't read too many things about Jesus from a Hindu perspective so here goes:

<a href="">Was Christ a Yogi? By Swami Abhedananda</a>
Jesus was a great Yogi, because He realized the transitory and ephemeral
nature of the phenomenal world, and, discriminating the real from the unreal, renounced all desires for worldly pleasures and bodily comforts. Like a great
Yogi He lived a life of seclusion, cutting off all connections with earthly friends
and relatives, and having neither home nor possessions of His own.
I agree that Christ may have been a "yogi" (had master control over His mind and body), and I agree that he (very clearly) understood the emphemeral and unreal and illusory nature of what we call "Reality" (<- this is, imho, the purpose and foundation of all great religions).

However, I disagree that he renounced all worldly desires and/or needs. The teaching of "Render unto Ceasar that which belongs to Ceasar, and render unto God that which belongs to God" teaches quite clearly that Jesus understood the body (material) to be just as important to man's spiritual development as the Soul (spiritual).

I also disagree that he lived in "seclusion".. He healed countless numbers of people, and he wouldn't have been crucified had he lived in "seclusion"..
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