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You are a very SICK person, Sanctified4One.

You write the following regarding Springsteen's PEDOPHILE song, "I'm on Fire."

I think that the only thing that redeems "Daddy" is that he comes home... with a bad desire. But there is a problem... while he was a way she met someone. "Is he good to you? Can he do to you the things that I do?" Which makes me wonder if the things that he did to her were actually as good as what he thought?? I wonder about his ego. Which leaves the unanswered question: Will she cool his desire or will she let him suffer and continue his ride on that Downbound Train.


Daddy is redeemed when he comes home with a bad desire for his daughter?????


This is sin, you freak not redemption.

Get your head checked out, lady.

While Daddy was away, the little girl met another pedophile, you say!

The song asks if the little girl's Daddy can do the things to her that the pedophile Springsteen can do?

They're both pedophiles.

You want to know if the little girl will cool Springsteen's desire or let him suffer!?!

Yeah, hopefully the little girls all COOL Springsteen's desire so the PEDOPHILE doesn't suffer.

Man, you are one sick puppy!

Springsteen has corrupted you.

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