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Post Re: Who are the new owners

The last thing i would think of is that the site is kind of club so that pretty corny for a start. Second thing is the fourm needs to have some kind of common goal or statement of its purpose or else it just seems like pointless.
For example i will not spend endless days arguing with people whom are not even social conservatives to begin as most quientessential conspiracy people from time the time of Nesta webser right to through to Deyo early 80s and Makow and Alex jones although not icke have all been social or political conservatives attempting to make a stand against Liberal ism in the west by exposing the dark hidden forces e.g occult and proto zionism.
Just groovy is not the kind poster that strikes me as be the least bit conservative about any matter nor sanjay the owner. Besides your site has many technical glitches in regards to cookies etc i have logged in and posted several times quite lengthy posts where i have been logged one moment then not logged the next only to find my cookies have been disappearing between html transitions and hence i was not logged at all any posts did not appear needless to say this is frustrating and time wasting and until you fix the bugs i dont see the point in hanging around.I hope this post makes in through atleast.
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