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Default Re: Who are the new owners

Hi Ozzie =)

1. I didn't name the site, CG aquired it just as it is, they are working on getting things fixed but they own somewhere near 80 messageboards and some need more attention than others. I will let the main office know about the cookie issue and disappearing posts, these are not totally uncommon throughout the network and I do know they have purchased a lot of new hardware/servers to get all of their sites centrally located and running smoother and faster. When sites start switching servers there are bound to be little things that crop up.

2. I understand not wanting to spend "endless days" arguing with people who you think are never going to be on the same page as you. However, debate and discussions can lead to people seeing your point more clearly, it doesn't mean they will agree with you 100% but I think it can be helpful.

3. I am neither conservative nor liberal. Left, Right, Middle. Three choices? Nah. Not my thing. I'd rather think things through for myself one situation at a time than be pigeon holed into one or two sets of ideals.
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