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Default Re: Is 666 the number of the beast or the Quran?

What a clever cow is this mad cow.

No insult meant, only praise for what you state so clearly, you crazy heifer.

I'm a mad cow myself, mad about the truth.

This number of the beast - is it in the bible as specifically 666?

I personally believe that you are numbered by government, the mark of materialism... taxes owed - debt. Reminds me of sin, in some ways except that Jesus paid that debt and World War 2 ended. Canadians should not be paying income tax.

Some members of many religions do not even understand their own faith. They have never given it a second thought. It isn't a part of their day to day life, is what I'm saying. I believe blah, blah, blah...go to church Xmas, yada, yada, yada.

They have no personal connection to their faith. Ask me why I believe what I do, and I'll quite happily explain. Life experience is my basis.

In the beginning there was that apple tree. We questioned god's authority over us and that tree.

That tree was knowledge. Woman has been blamed ever since for the fall of humanity. In society, she is either a wore or a virgin the duality of the two mary's of the Bible. I question that one. God wants us to know the whole truth, maybe not. We try and shield our children from the truth, yes we do.

We are questioning creatures by nature. Surely that is how God created us. Every child begins his route to knowledge with why? And not some hoky numerology 666 which tells you the definition of a word through the sum of the supposed knowledge assigned to each letter. Nature and life reveal the truth to us all, in reality.

I believe in miracles? Do you? I know you do. Ask God for one and have patience, he just may surprise you.

Uncle Sam's rat race lured away human kind from God and towards money. These occult idiots place their faith in numerology, therby giving it power. They feed evil with negative energy and negative thoughts backed with negative actions.

This warring thing has me concerned regarding those who support war and violence, in the name of religion, oil, money, numbers. Do the numbers dying on both sides count for anything?

Is 666 the number of the Quran? And what is that supposed to mean to Islam and to us Christians?

Does peace matter or the meaning of 666?
Which matter deserves our attention and our deepest thoughts towards understanding?

Your thoughts?

Mary XXX
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