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Default Re: Christians V.S. THE WORLD!!!

I don't have a problem with humility.
You look full of yourself. The problem is those with most pride seem to fall the hardest enjoy eternity.

Most religions do not know any supreme being. Their Gods are only meant to be interpreted in a symbolic way and used to express ideas to the masses unable to grasp the complexity of esoterism. This is true for eg. Buddhism, Hinduism and Asatru.
Once again you believe yourself to be superior to others you regard the vast exoteric majority as childish all hail you master. I suppose you are not as crafty as some pagans that actually call themselves christians or even Ministers and Priests,Preachers and try to destroy christianity from the inside out, so at least you admit it I will give you that!.
I will not try to defend mainstream christianity myself eg the Anglican or Catholic churches as both i see below contempt nor the just as contemptable Prosperity gospel so far as I care these either rotten or fabricated organisations can all die quick deaths it wouldnt harm christs message one iota either way. However christs message to humanity is much bigger than a few man made 21st century apostate doctrines formulated by psuedo pagans.
May interest you to know Nazis originated in Occult pagan ideas of the Thule Society another esoteric secret society whom obtained many of their ideas from Theosophies Madame Blatavatsky. So the occultists of all shades bear full responsibility for the Jewish holocaust, Freemasons and hippies and the new age movement all are to blame. Gnostic and eastern spirituality is nothing but a poison chalice.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.

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