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Re-read the last post I made on this thread as I did some major editing.

Makin' peace with the past.

It wont' be long now!

It was a part of my life, but it's time for me to live in the present and look forward to the future.

HE is alive because of the evidence against HIM.

So, it's a double edged sword for him.

He went about his life believing I would never emerge, but with memories that came back to haunt him like a curse.

He enjoyed it while he could never knowing what the future might hold because I did not cease to exist.

He would have preferred it if I were dead; institutionalized so they could get their hands on me again or suicided after their attempts to cause a psychotic break while on his official site.

This did not come to fruition.

So, the question remains.

Would HE prefer NOW that he were dead rather than face what lies ahead for him in the very near future?

My husband saved my life and helped to bring me full circle, together with my guardian angels who left me with instructions ALWAYS to help me function the best I could in life after being traumatized; tortured, sexually, emotionally, mentally and psychologically abused.

My husband deserves a medal of honor and, so, too, do they.

My father attempted to deter my life the best he could, but he was not successful.

This, because of his injustices and the fear that THEY would kill our family if I remembered and began speaking out again.

Little did he know that our family is protected, too, because of me.

He's dead now, but he failed in his attempts to destroy me even when he was alive before I met my husband.

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