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Post Re: Christians V.S. THE WORLD!!!

There is nothing wrong with pride. Vanity is the problem, as well as unjust humility.
Pride = vanity there is no noticeable semantic difference.

Obviously, logic is superior to dogmatic belief in a non-existing man high up in the sky. I am not saying I as an individual am superior.
I disagree a Humans logic "Logos" is not the same as the Christian God.
Gods logic would be incomprehendable to human logic although there are those like yourself and even some whom claim to be christians that think they understand Gods logic this is not possible. Most religion is an irrational force not a rational force it does not follow any pattern of Logic, Christianity simply requires faith.

I'm not fighting Christians any more than a parent fights his children. Christians are not my enemy.
Fighting them or not you made some very generic statements which claim most orthodox christians are childish in your view which seems pretty derogatory to most id assume. However actually to my eyes its more compliment than an insult because being like child is exactly what Christ expected from his disciples. Personally i have no problem with a simple or childish religion which comes back to the humilty issue something you still seem to have an issue with.
Anyway given what I have stated so far I am not the biggest fan of established christianity either some may even see myself as anti christian however i also happen to realise most post modern christianity is merely a rotten charade of its former glory and whom is this due to, the occult infiltrators ofcause those inspired by pseudo pagan ideas like Freemasons etc whom have delibrately sought to destroy not just christianity however all major monothiest religions in favour of secular humanism a phase on the road to luciferian One world Government.
There was no Jewish Holocaust. You should know that.
Dont presume you know my mind at all I am nothing like you. I am not a hater of Jews and never have been. It is very easy to gain the title of being anti semitic however just because one or two other posters here on cc label me one doesnt mean anything. In truth nothing could be more wrong I find your statements on this pretty sickening and insane.
I mean do you mean to tell me that all those incinerators and pictures of mass graves that most of us have all seen are just some elaborate fabrications such a attitude makes my stomach churn truly disgusting!.

One more point if you post on a conspiracy forum that means you must believe in global conspiracy so whom do you presume is behind this conspiracy in your eyes and what are they scheming to achieve your eyes.
If you are not even a christian what do you have to fear from it. Are you not part of the problem or do you think christians are gaining the upper hand in the western world which is highly unlikely. You see conspiracy forums are usually made for disgruntled conservatives eg christians traditionalists right wing reactionaries etc however you do not seem to fit any of these categories I am confused why not explain your fears and motivations.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.

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