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Default "The Fog Of War" Interviews with Robert McNamara. A must see!

WMV files available

"The Fog Of War" Interviews With Robert McNamara.

Absolutely riveting! You must get the DVD documentary. Straight from this servant of powers mouth. In this first extract, McNamara talks of firebombing to death 100,000 Japanese in one night and how he and General Lemay would have been tried as war criminals had they lost the war.

In this second extract, McNamara and Kennedy discuss pulling out ALL troops from Vietnam within 2 years. Fletcher Prouty and Oliver Stone received scorn for this claim. Well, here we hear it from the horses mouth's.

In this third extract, Lyndon Johnson berates McNamara for agreeing with Kennedy to pull troops out (3 months after JFK's assassination). The talk is eerily similar to talk today of Iraq and the American situation.

Here we have in this 4th extract the complete admission that the Gulf Of Tonkin Incident DID'NT happen. Includes audio of people on the scene trying to tell the powers in Washington what they want to hear. I guess that clears that one up.

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