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Default Sophia Perennis - United Submitters Nation

Ok Ahmad.

Time for a showdown.

I usually agree with your views in general. You're obviously well read and have thought things through and hence argue your views very competently and convincingly.

But you very rarely comment on concepts or ideas of other people, other than in passing or in relation to Submission.

For instance, on the <a href="">INTEGRAL TRADITION</a> site there is plenty of material concerning different forms of societies and their different historical, mythical and spiritual aspects. Have you read anything on that site?
I'm asking because if you have then you would understand why I say the things I say about national states. I don't say that the concept of national states is a good one THE WAY IT LOOKS TODAY. But in fact the reason national states came into being in the first place was due to a degeneration in spirit among the sacred rulers of the day.
Fact is that a traditional society actually WOULD be brought together not by a forceful tyrant but by a spirituality shared among the people of that society. If you look at ancient India for example, the <a href="">caste system</a> provided a sacred hierarchy that manifested from Above. Nobody actually enforced the doctrine of the castes and forced it on the people; that would've been totally impossible with many millions of people over a vast geographical area. It was a society of a heterogeneous character. And yet, the doctrine of the castes permeated all of India. How was that possible? I think the answer is there was a unity IN SPIRIT. The problem of "wrong people in the wrong places" that we experience has been developing to the point of modern man not even remembering a time when it was not so. This is due to the concept of the <a href="">regression of the castes</a> that for example Evola talks about. If you've read the above links you would've found a very adequate explanation of the issues we are discussing.
But you don't seem to be interested in those views since I don't notice any sign that you've read them.

I would really be interested in your opinions especially on the material from the <a href="">INTEGRAL TRADITION</a> website. It contains a good collection of articles about a number of issues and it's a good place to start studying the World of Tradition and its different aspects and doctrines.

BTW, I check you USN site every once in a while because I want to understand what you stand for and what you're convictions are. I hope you do the same.

As always,

Truth, Beauty, Love
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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