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Exclamation Re: Christians V.S. THE WORLD!!!

Vanity of conceit implies pride combined with a lack of real value.
I would agree!

Physics is entirely logical (although it can be very complex).
Psychology is entirely logical (although it can be very complex).
Sociology is entirely logical (although it can be very complex).
Biology is entirely logical (although it can be very complex).
History is entirely logical (although it can be very complex).

Every aspect of "creation" can be explained by means of logics, although some aspects are extremely complex. There is no need at all for a divinity with "incomprehendable" logic to explain how the universe works. Leave "God" out of the equasion and the universe actually makes far more sense

Thats all very scientific and rational of you however man longs for more that just cold calllous and objectivist rationality man longs to feel for the metaphysical or spiritual in life otherwise besides the often frivolous love involved in temporal relationships (some of it very poor quality) what else can material life offer us!.This is the reason athiests never get anywhere because they deny this spiritual craving in man/humanity.
I while i realise you do follow a some path of spirituality i really think that it is some kind of watered down post mdern version of the real thing.
For example any of the things you have stated about Buddhism do not seem to match my understanding of Buddhism.You speak of synthesis of easten religions not just one which looks pretty New age to me infact it looks very theosophical i have read a fair amount about this movement so I know what I am talking about. Bottom line is whatever you believe is frivolous it has no foundations seems like some fad you are going through.

Judeo-Christian religion is an irrational force, which is why I reject it. Vedanta Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism and esoteric Asatru are entirely rational, which is why I embrace them.
I dont see Buddhism or Hinduism as rational at all Buddhism is very much a religion of humilty and submssion it has several degrees involved in its ascending ascestic path. Yet you have just told me do not like simple and childish religions. Buddhism is about worshipping a supreme being buddha as supreme spiritual force and deity is this rational ?
In Hinduism they often worship Rats Cats, Cows etc.. all other kinds of beasts and make temples for them then worship at them and place incense sticks at them is this rational?
Infact is the Hindu caste system rational as it is all based on tradition and ascription for all following generations of the same family is this rational? As you should be able to see or others will see reading your posts you have many contradictions running through them this is not helping your course to be taken seriously. I am certainly find your hard to take seriously.

There is no group that can be isolated as leading the New World Order, however Jews and freemasons (gentiles with a Kabbalist/Talmudic doctrine) are dominant.
Whether you realise it or not you actually think like a Freemason your mindset is very materialistic because you think like a complete dialecticist.
On the contrary I am coming from a differnt direction altogether I am not a rationalist if anything I thinking very metaphysically and irrationally or spiritually as some might say.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.

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