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Default Re: The Television Trap

Originally Posted by Zedra View Post
Of course Television is chock full of subliminal messages which control the mindless masses, forcing them into a never ending cycle of work, spend, work spend, work, spend, and so I don't watch television.

But now They are forcing people to take some little converter box into their homes in order to get reception. Obviously this is a method of monitoring and control. It probably has video and audio bugs, as well as sending out low frequency waves that condition the mind making people pliable and malleable and more susceptible to subliminal orders.

What's ridiculous about it is the sheer number of people who are blindly following along. The transformation will be completed by 2009. Are YOU going to be one of the sheeple??
I said a few years ago that Television was a black hole sucking people's brains out of their heads. And this I stand by. So they made this movie called one missed call, and I heard that it showed a television doing exactly what I described television as doing. SUCKING PEOPLE'S BRAINS OUT OF THEIR HEADS!

So why don't I watch television? Because the only thing on TV is pure propaganda from the Illuminati. THAT IS THE ONLY THING ON TV PEOPLE! THERE IS NOTHING ELSE ON! If you watch TV, you may not get your brain sucked out of your head that night, but just give it a little time. And you will find out.
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