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Default Re: What does Europe teach us? They face an even bigger problem. Part 2

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What does Europe teach us? They face an even bigger problem. Part 2

They're respectable, wealthy, well-raised and educated. They know history, speak different languages and travel. They hold high posts at banks, financial corporations and law offices. These are the new European nationalists
A short description of our first installment: Ethnic battles are erupting in the heart of the EU. Belgium’s Flemings and Walloons are fighting among themselves and hoping to split the country in two. At the same time, Arab emigrants are fleeing to Belgium en masse. Will Belgium face another Kosovo scenario?
“The most popular child’s name in Brussels and Antwerp is ‘Mohammed,’” said Mia Doornaert, diplomatic editor at the Flemish paper Standaard. “I don’t have anything against emigrants if they’re willing to work and integrate into the local community. But that’s not what’s happening. We’re being forced to feed them. Arab emigrants hide from the police in our churches, which in turn refuse to kick them out. That’s just how things are here. Why don’t they go and hide in their mosques? And it’s impossible to print even one word about emigrants in the press without being called a racist.”
“It’s hard to imagine that Belgian residents are ready to mix their ancient Christian blood with the Arabs,” I said emotionally. “And your nation’s heroes commanded the first and only successful Crusade and freed Jerusalem!”
It turned out my passion was contagious. “You’re absolutely right!” she said. “Europe shouldn’t forget about its Christian history. I think the EU made an unforgivable mistake by removing the clause about our Christian roots in the Constitution. I always respected Pope John Paul II. He was a good person, but why did he decide to apologize for the Crusades! The Muslims started conquering our Christian shrines first. They captured Jerusalem and Constantinople — a large Christian center. Europe didn’t receive any apology from the Muslims for seizing our shrines. Why should the Christians feel guilty? In a global world where borders between peoples are being removed, it’s important for people to know where they came from and where they are going. People need an identity. I’m Flemish and I’m proud of my people’s history. The Walloons call our national feelings ‘folklore.’ But it’s not folklore. It’s our sense of self.”
Read on:
What does Europe teach us? They face an even bigger problem. Part 2 | National Policy Institute
The only thing Europe teaches us is how a bunch of lazy, slothful people could formulate a plan to enslave the new world of the Americas so that the only thing they have to worry about is producing wine and filming porn for themselves.
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