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Default Re: The Catholic Church and Pedophilia

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Pope apologizes, yet again.

Pope apologizes for Australian clergy sex abuse - Yahoo! News

I think it is against man's natural instincts to abstain from sex for his entire life such as in the priesthood.

So, what happens?

Do these priests turn to pedophilia due to their isolation within the church or are they sick individuals before they enter the priesthood?
Well, this certainly is a change of pace. I actually agree with Blueangel for once in my life. Yes, the Christian priesthood being celebate is a method of the Illuminati. Truth be told, if one will read and study song of Solomon, real Bishops should be banging their wives to kingdom come.

I would like all the ladies to know that I have been to theology school and yet I am against the abstinance of the priesthood. I would like them to know that I am looking for a hot tart to bang forever. And I will give you a ring and roses and all that stuff too.
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