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Default Re: Sophia Perennis - United Submitters Nation

Peace Draken,

"But you very rarely comment on concepts or ideas of other people, other than in passing or in relation to Submission."

If you were in my position you would understand why. The scripture (Quran) freed me from being stuck in the details, i believe that life is more simple than we want it to be!

For example, the "muslims" have developed a large collection of rules governing every aspect of their lives, the Japanese surround themselves also with rules everywhere in your face. Who wants to control every movement of the human being?

Anyway, sometimes i follow the links, but i can't read all the material though. Concerning the issue of the casts, i think that we should leave God to determine the classes of people according to His plan, any human-imposed effort to categorize people based on anything but belief is deemed to fail.

For example if we designate some people to be religious, we are actually telling the rest to leave religion to this minority!, i mean everybody should be religious, everybody should work, everybody should rule, when the responsibility is returned to the individual, God will take it from there and distributes the specific roles on th e people according to their special talents.

For example Jesus was a teacher, he was also a carpenter, the jewish priests on the other hand were professional religionsist who get paid for teaching!

Everybody must be spiritual, productive, self/family/community governing, warrior, each acording to his ability.

And most of all the rich in Submission help the poor (the slaves who don't have the tools of production) to get their freedom through charity.

But dividing the people into sects, classes, castes is the work of Satan i believe.

So, if you have been to my website, do you believe the message or not?
God\'s alternative, USN

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