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Default Homebrew Your Diesel 30 cents / litre

This was actually showcased on BBC. Usually this stuff only gets covered by the big media, when they have not received their yearly 'pay off' After they get paid off you'll never hear another thing about it again.. All the media departments do it to receive fresh funding from the oil giants. Its just a cost of doing business..

YouTube - Making Biodiesel at Home

YouTube - Biodiesel - SAVE YOUR MONEY..

Please send the link for this stuff everywhere - even if you do not plan to use it. Statistically only maybe 1% or less of the readers who read this may even build such a kit. Remember its not what gasoline sells for that matters its WHO CONTROLS IT. Once they have control of you - they can have you licking their boots at the gas pumps every day... This breaks their control, and forces them to sell gasoline at REAL MARKET PRICES...

Home Brew Biodiesel Genset

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