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Default Re: The Catholic Church and Pedophilia

Originally Posted by BeenThereDoneThat View Post
Been there Done that for the last 26 years.... She is just right.

You wont get what your lookin' for stud..till you figure out how to treat the ladies....

Time together...
Sexy comments daily...
Spiritual journey together...
and lots of 'Drop the bs and be real'...can't imagine such a turd being so lucky... you'd be better off as a priest.
I used to think all of that stuff was true. But it isn't. What I've seen these days is that the ladies want a ghetto thug who will slap them around, treat them like ho trash, cheat on them all the time .

That's how to really win the heart of the ladies. But you have to have nice rims on your hoopty.

And all you stupid Illuminati have programmed them that way!

So now I have to be a gansta priest just to get a woman, even though it goes against the church code which is itself wrong. I have to be so WRONG these days just to be right.

I'm serious, Illuminati. You've really pissed me off. I never wanted a war with anyone. But if you're trying to shut down my penis, well brother, you got a BATTLE CUMIN!

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