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Default Re: Blindness - The film

Originally Posted by Emma Smith View Post
Anyone seen BLINDNESS yet? It's a terrific little gem of a movie I didn't see posted on here. Thought I'd share.
Is your name really Emma Smith? Wasn't that a character from Little House on the Prairie?

I mean I kind of like that though. It's very Jane Austin. It's just like 'Emma Smith'.

But I don't think I'm gonna watch that film. It looks like something that would show up on Lifetime Television for Women. You know the classic story about two young lovers who get married, settle down to married life, and the husband does what all husbands do, starts drinking, shooting the dog, beating the wife, and generally destroying a woman's entire existance until she ends up being commited to the mental ward for about 4 years, until she is released to her grandmother, who she lived with as a child and they reunite and have great bonding moments together until the grandmother comes down with brain cancer and no one is left but the poor woman to run the children's home for the local orphans and troubled teenagers.

You know that kind of film.

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