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Default Re: Want To Study Everything, And See The Links Between???

Originally Posted by FreedomFighter View Post
Here's a link to a website with over 150hours of documentaries about the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Codex Alimentarius, The CIA-Projects, 2012, all the Truth-Seekers like Jordan Maxwell, Freeman, Alex Jones, David Icke, Fritz Springmeier etc. You want to study up? Learn more from this site!!
Say NO To The NWO!! | Are You Ready To WAKE UP??

Peace & Blessings To Love . . .
150 hours of Illuminati documentaries? MAN YOU SURE ARE AN EXCITING DUDE! YEAH! Let's all sit around and watch 150 hours of Illuminati documentaries! I mean, wait...wait...let me GET THE WHOLE FAMILY OVER HERE AND WE'LL MAKE A WEEK OF IT!

Ice cream. Cake. Apple pie. Some beer. I mean that'll be better than Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I mean that's just one step bellow as exciting as Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips
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