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Default Re: Microchip Technology..Cloaking

Originally Posted by BeenThereDoneThat View Post
You people? Sounds like yours runs you! You can simply turn it off and on...was my point of this thread.

Though I do not intend to turn it off(I will land mine) I do have problems with my scanner and lock because the dentist damaged my eye....and the old saying'The Lord Will Be Magnified'...a simple magnifying glass and quick reaction time will do the trick. the avitar...she looks just like that in full blue shine...just like my avitar.

I have been experimenting with mine..and its effects on others when i manipulate it...sorta fun to see all the sheep when they are DIZZY.

And Leonardo...please don't call me YOU PEOPLE...I am much different than the others here...and none of them are stupid either....

I am positive that i am the BLUE STAR in human form and that the year 2012 on 12 21 at transformation will be done.

All this talk of NWO and it is really OWN...OUR WORLD NOW! mirrored .

Hey me with BA, she does not know who she is yet and shes being a B to

Nice to meet you other
When I say You People, I mean it in the kindest most honorable way. I am differentiating you from the lesser subhumans and the retarded element of Nazis and Illuminati.

As far as Blue Angel is concerned, You mean you don't know Cathy? She's just Cathy. Everyone around here calls her Cathy. She's a distraction, but I think she's funny. Ok, ok, so maybe she's an Illuminati plant, maybe a siren, but she can be amusing at times.

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