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Default Re: Jesus From A Hindu Perspective


I can`t believe that you didn`t understand that Christians believe that God is one manifested in three persons. maybe you don`t believe in it, but I can`t believe that you didn`t understand. it seems you are running out of arguments and is trying to confuse those who read this thread.

God the Father, The Holy Spirit and Jesus are all God. Three facets of the same thing. Same nature, same will, same essence.

I don`t understand how you think that the Trinity is more difficult to accept than Mohamed`s dreams and visions, followed by his wars and killings. Not a holy man at all, but a sinner of the worst kind.

Jesus, on the other hand, being God, was the only being that never sinned. That`s why He could pay for our sins. I choose to stand with Him.

Satan has done ALL he can in order to people reject the FREE offer of the sacrifice of Jesus for their sins. Hindu views of him as a enlightened master, a prophet, a good man, etc. But if people reject His free offer of salvation, and reject the fact that He was God incarnated, Satan wins your soul. The way to salvation is easy, but it requires repentance and humbleness. Maybe too easy for people who want to have things their own way.

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