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Originally Posted by Ozziecynic View Post
So there are THELEMITES here on cc is that so. You are one of them right, with an abbrev FRA i realise means Frater as in an OTO poobah.
I despise sick puppies another of your number has even tried to seduce me at one stage. One of the reason i post on places like cc to discuss such freaks and what can be done about them you see no one in Aus believes such a group pull any strings or exist like the mafia all claim to know nothing of them however i have seen proof of them Downunder.
No, I'm not a Thelemite. I just accidentaly broke the aeonic code in the book of the law. I didn't mean to really. It just came so easily I couldn't help it. I actually did it while eating breakfast at Dennys. But no, I really am a Christian. I was just fooling around with some eschatological ideas and stumbled onto the book of the law on the internet. I'm not really a magician, I just trick people into thinking I am.

But I thought that the world might want to know that the cypher in the book of the law has been broken. And I was pretty excited when I broke it. You know I just had fun with it. I drew little pictures in things in this book of the law. Drew some lines and stuff. Scribbled some stuff here and there, and just like SHAZAM out it came. It was a wonderful time in life. And I'm thankful for it.
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